Half a century ago, in the 1960s, a housewife from Kocierz, known as Grandma Władzia, became famous in the area for her excellent homemade delicacies, especially cold meats and "the best lard under the sun". Today, this fine tradition is continued by her granddaughter, who brought the secret of the delicious lard to the Tavern. Kocierz lard, with pieces of fried onions and the best pork, has always enjoyed a great deal of interest from our guests, so we decided to put it up for sale on a national scale. We recommend this exceptional delicacy, which refers to the best of the regional traditions.  
Aromatic, rich in taste and nutritious pates are a respected delicacy in the Polish cuisine. In reference to the best traditional Polish models, we offer you flavourful pates made by our chefs according to traditional recipes and using natural ingredients of the best quality. It is an excellent choice for any amateur of meat feasts.


Smoked delicacies are part of the main repertoire of mountainous regional cuisine. Aromatic cold meats have a flavour that is associated with staying in a mountain hut and a heart-warming meal after a hike. We want the taste of our cold meats to bring to mind this magical Beskid climate, so we make every effort for the hams, bacons and pork loins from our smokehouse to be consistent with the traditional recipe, fresh, and above all juicy and tasty. Our Guests gladly return for our basket of cold meats - we recommend these delicacies to you, too.


PIEROGI AND "USZKA" (traditional dumplings)

A man lives not on only meat, so for a change, we offer delicious pierogi and "uszka". We prepare them ourselves and make them only from natural products, without preservatives or artificial additives. We recommend the homemade treats with a wealth of different stuffing. We assure you that you can eat them by the dozen!

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